Musical box

May 14, 2006

The other day my sister-in-law was at our house for a family gathering and she had bought a small musical device at a market about the size of two matchboxes. The sort you normally find inside a musical box. It had a little handle you turn to make it play a tune. She was showing us how when you hold the music maker in your hand and turn the handle, the tune is very faint and you can bearly hear it. Then she placed it on top of our wooden dining room table and turned the handle again. Amazingly the music was clear and filled the whole house! Later in the day the Lord said to me "that is how my annointing works." I was puzzled at first then suddenly it got clearer. Our talents and gifts are placed in us before we were conceived in the womb, and we use those gifts in life. However until we join with God like that musical box did with the table – we never reach our full destiny or manage to impact the world in a special way with God's message.

The Holy Spirit annoints us, and His ability covers us. It causes us to stretch further and impact wider than is ever possible for us. His ability comes over our ability. Our pride can push this aside sometimes.

You cannot begin to imagine the wonderous things God has planned. He will help us every step of the way!


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